SUPing Well Its been about 3 weeks on the SUP now, but here’s some waves from day 5. I was using a 7″ center with the Gerry Lopez sides and since this session have been riding the GL’s as the thruster setup; feels much better! TL

Paddle Fest!

The 2013 Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival ( and Surftech Shootout at The Lane ( will be kicking off tonight with a whole slew of paddleholders at Adventure Sports Unlimited in Downtown Santa Cruz. A bit different this year for me as I have not only entered waveski as per usual, but sponsored the event(…)

First TL Surf SUP!

I have been wanting to do this for a while and now that I have my new 20′ shaping room I can! I just glassed ‘er yesterday- photos are phone pics for now but she’ll be ready to go sometime next week! Just ordered the best traction from NSI ( to get some grip! I’ll(…)