Tyler Lausten Custom Surf

24-VinceShayfotoBorn in Goleta, Ca I tried a few Western states before finding Maui at the age of 13. Seeking to meld the tools of the hotshots of river and ocean in some way, fate led me to a garage sale in Ha`iku; where sat a $25 waveski. I learned to paddle and surf on this outdated ski, but my skills soon outgrew the craft, and I was searching for higher performance.

I first sat in on a shaping session with Neil Decker on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2007. At the point where I needed stronger and more readily available craft, I started learning the composites trade under mentors Kai Bartlett (kaiwaa.com) and Mark Angulo (markangulo.com).

I’ve been in business for over four years now and am building not only waveskis but longboards, shortboards, kneeboards and SUP’s in my relocated Watsonville, CA shop.

I try and get in the water everyday. I’m the reigning national Waveski Champion, having won that title twice now. (2010, 2012 – In 2011 I took second against my good friend and TL Surf Team Rider Fletcher Burton). See you in the water,